Bledsoe Creek State Park, visit 2

You know I need trees. I love the forest. So depsite the fact that it was roughly 9 billion degrees last Monday, my wonderful husband and kids packed up for a hike on the Shoreline Trail of Bledsoe Creek State Park. We love it there. The scenery is gorgeous, and we always see some fun animals.  Without further ado, some pictures:

 Black Vulture


Deer (same one)

Fawns (so cute!)

Isn't this view amazing?

As you can see from my pictures, the fawns were clearly the highlight of the trip for me. We were hiking, and we saw one. Then the other one came into view. They were so sweet together. We saw a whole herd (is it called a herd when it's deer?) including several does and a young buck. All in all, about 8 deer. We walked right through them.

Just a friendly reminder: Don't try to touch or feed the deer. For one, it's not good for them, and for two, they can kick the snot out of you. Your friendly PSA for the day is over. :)

Get out and get hiking! It's great exercise, and you may have memories that last forever. My kids can't stop talking about the deer. 


  1. It is beautiful. It reminds me of the woods on my mother's property where I grew up.


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