Current crochet projects

One of my favorite things to do is crochet. It's very satisfying to take a few balls of yarn and turn it into a useful or wearable object. I love to craft, but painting a picture for the sake of painting a picture doesn't appeal to me. If I'm going to invest my time, effort, and creativity, I want something out of it!

Right now, I've got one project that I've been working on forever. It's one of those projects that is easy to forget about for a few months and then pick up right where I left off work. When it's done, it will be an afghan, but right now it's about shawl-sized.

It's just done in endless rows of shell stich. Shell stich is one of my favorites, because it's so fast. I get to feel really productive! For some reason the middle picture makes the yarn look blue, but it's really purple. I originally started this project to use up scraps, but I didn't have as many scraps as I thought I did.

My other project is a scarf. I love to make scarves. Hello, instant gratification! I've made at least a dozen, but none of them were for me. How does that work? So I'm starting one for myself today. It's supposed to be over 100 degrees many days this week, so I clearly need a scarf.

This is the scarf. It's from Lion Brand Yarn, and this is the pattern. I'm doing it in a variegated yarn though, and I haven't decided for sure about the number and size of the flowers. I am almost 30, after all.

Isn't it great how cat hair sticks to EVERYTHING? So I apologize for the hairiness of my pictures.

Have a great day!


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