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Garden plans

Now that we have a home of our own, the garden game has gotten serious. Last year, we had a pretty productive garden. It got a bit out of control because I was completing my internship for my degree. We didn't manage to keep as much produce as I had hoped.

I've already started seeds for this year. I'm pretty sure that I started planning this year's garden while last year's was still growing. One thing we've learned is that I need a much bigger garden so that I can grow everything I want to grow. So we plan to add at least one-half more space to the garden this year.

Choosing what to grow is one of my favorite parts of planning the garden. I usually buy seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ( They have such a huge variety! I have always had great success with their seeds. They always send me some freebies too, which I appreciate.

This year, in addition to increasing the size of my vegetable garden, we are also replanting the front ornamental g…

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