30 Day No Dining-Out Challenge-- Anniversary Dinner at Home

Tonight we are celebrating twelve years of marriage. Twelve years of living this life, step by step, day by day, month by month.

I am so grateful for the wonderful husband I have. He started out great, and he just gets better with age. My husband is really my hero. He gets up and goes to work, everyday. Doesn't matter if he likes his job, his coworkers, his circumstances. He gets up, he goes to work, and he takes care of his family. He's always there for me, through every ridiculous idea I've had (I'll sell homemade dog clothes!), through my crippling depression (I have to hide. I can't be outside), through whiny kids, barking dogs, 15 moves, and hours of Nickelodeon.

Now, he's not perfect. But neither am I. And we are perfect together.

Tonight, dinner is all about him. His favorite dinner is salmon patties, macaroni and cheese, and fried potatoes. I know there's no veggie. But it's his favorite. And his favorite dessert is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. So that's what's on the menu tonight.


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