30 Day No-Dining Out Challenge--Freezer Pizza Kits

This was my view this morning. Yes, that's frost and ice on the inside of my window. 

 Fortunately for me, that means a day off work. So I took advantage of the extra time to make some freezer pizza kits.

I used my trusty bread machine (a gift from Mom and Dad) to make the dough. I use this recipe from Food.com. I also made use of some extra sauce from my Big Batch Spaghetti Sauce. 

I separated the dough into three crusts, because we prefer thin crust pizza. I just wrapped it in plastic wrap. Then I put the sauce into a sandwich bag. I added in a baggie of mozzarella cheese, a sandwich bag of pepperoni, and some leftover cooked sausage. Each item went into the freezer bag and into the freezer. Now, the night before pizza night, I just put everything in the fridge to thaw. :Pizza night has never been easier. :)

Please excuse the poor pictures. I tried to use my tablet to take the pictures. Clearly, (or not so clearly, as the case might be) I need some practice! 


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