Putting the garden in...part 1

Today we started putting in the garden. We put in all the lettuces and the spinach. Since you can plant these for every two weeks until it gets too hot, we only planted some of our seeds. The seeds we started indoors are doing well, and I've started to harden them off. They're still far too small to plant, and the weather isn't completely consistent, so they'll have some more indoor time.

While working, we met Wilbur the Worm, who is quite possible the largest worm I have ever seen. Jerimiah-boy made up a funny story about how poor Wilbur was just sitting on his chair, eating some dirt, when this big dude just picked me up and threw me. We thought it was funny, and we're encouraging Jerimiah to start writing some of his stories down. He's a creative little man.

We've expanded the garden quite a bit from last year. Since I've gone all out with multiple types of tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peppers, and I'm still planting pumpkins and zucchini...we needed more room. Luckily, I've got strong men to help me.

My wonderful husband Jerimiah helping to break up the new ground.

Jerimiah explaining where he thinks should go once we're done.

Anthony taking a break and keeping us all laughing.

Anthony hard at work.

This farming stuff is serious business.

Just in case you were wondering, I was working too. But as the official documenter of the Garden of 2011, I have very serious responsibilities. :)


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