Here we go!

Hello, everyone!

I finally got my seeds and pots together. I started my tomatoes and peppers on Monday last week. The pots were easy to make and were a great project for me and the boys. Basically, you just wrap a strip of newspaper around the bottom of a can, leaving a two or three inch edge of paper at the bottom. Then, you fold the edges down to make a pot. You have to fill with dirt immediately, or the pot will collapse. I filled the bottoms with organic potting soil and the top part with organic seed starter. My soil needs a bit of amending. Here's what the pots looked like:

Today, when I checked on the pots, I found lots of little seedlings. We're doing well!

Outside, things are moving right along. I have daffodils coming up that are about two inches tall. The crocus have blooms. The lilies are coming up too! I think this year I will actually have tulips as well. Tomorrow is a big planting day for me. I will be putting out my flower seeds that are sowed directly outdoors. Should be a fun day in the dirt!


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