Monarch Butterflies

Last school year, the boys and I would always stop and see the butterflies at the "butterfly bush." It's not really a bush so much as a telephone pole with a bunch of weeds growing on it. Anyway, we really enjoyed seeing all the butterflies and especially the monarch butterflies.

A few days ago, I was walking by the butterfly bush, and I found a bunch of milkweed. Most of you know, I'm sure, that monarch butterflies lay their eggs in milkweed pods. This is the only place they will choose to do so. With the loss of so many natural areas, butterfly habitat is lost too.

So this spring and summer,
we will be on the lookout for caterpillars. Now that I have a photo editing program I like on my phone, I can upload pictures that are a better quality. It's a lot easier too. Below is the picture of the milkweed. I hope there are monarch eggs in there!


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