Learning lessons

Yesterday I thinned my seedlings. Let me just tell you, it was one of the saddest things I've done in a while. Here's this beautiful little piece of God's work, and I'm killing it because it's neighbor looks a bit stronger. Just ripping it out of the dirt, before its life even really began. I'm not ashamed to admit...I teared up a bit.

From the sorrow comes new knowledge. This is the first year I've started plants from seed, so naturally I was bound to make some mistakes. Lesson #1...don't let the kids help. I know, I'm a bad mom, but part of the reason I had to pull so many seedlings is because they poured the seeds all in one spot. Lesson #2...Make more pots! I could have kept some of those plants if I had made more pots. Lesson #3...Peppers like sun! In fact, they also like to live in an old cake container from Kroger. In the sun. I had given my peppers up for lost when I discovered a few little seedlings. The plants had been in the sun for a few days, and poof! instant plants. They are really thriving now and catching up to the tomatoes.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

These are all tomato plants. Look how big they're getting!


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