Pollinators, unite!

Hey fellow gardeners!

Found this article on the rareseeds.com site: http://rareseeds.com/blog/ca-seed-store/northern-california-farmer-sings-praises-of-bee-friendly-farming/ . The article discusses making a pollinator-friendly environment, and welcoming the birds to the yard or field.

I can attest to having birds in the garden. They do a great job of keeping the bugs down. And I know it horrifies my father, but I like to have dandelions around too. They are fun for the kids to pick for me, keep the afore-mentioned kids out of my flowers, and they draw the bees. What's not to love? I do try to keep them out of the actual garden though. Why not let nature do some of the work? You'll have healthier food and a happier environment.

Yellowbanded Bumble Bee-photo from http://www.xerces.org/

On a related note, bees are having a hard time. We can help with pollinator conservation in the easiest and prettiest way of all. Planting flowers! Below are some links that outline some of the plants pollinators in my area like best. You can visit the Xerces Society website to learn more at http://www.xerces.org/.





  1. Yay for keeping bees around! Bees are an important part of Indiana's economy. Indiana honey is one of the largest (animal) agricultural industries. Did you know Indiana honey has won national awards and is sold all over the world? Sorry, that was my Indiana Ag plug of the week. But seriously, yay for keeping bees around!


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