January Blues

This time of year makes me get antsy to start digging in the dirt. It's cold out, snowy, and windy. Trips to the grocery store yield nothing but mushy, bland, pale tomatoes that have no flavor. Fresh green beans are a thing of the past. Even if you can find corn on the cob, you don't want to eat it. Zucchini and peppers are expensive, and honestly, they aren't worth the money. So what's a garden girl to do?

To start, I ordered my seeds from Baker Creek Seeds (rareseeds.com). This year, I'm starting seeds in the house for transplant to the garden instead of trying to buy plants. For all that I live in such a farm-filled area, finding plants is a challenge. I'm also planting lettuces for the first time this year. I'm drawing diagrams and plotting my flowerbeds and herb garden. All this planning is fun, but I want the real thing. I want mud under my nails, and dirt streaks across my cheeks. I want to feel the sun above me and warm dirt beneath my feet. But....it's January. The best I can do is remember last year's garden and look over some pictures. I'll have the garden dream tonight again, I'm sure. 

 Jerimiah planting beans.
 Anthony planting beans.
Beautiful purple beans. Probably the ones the boys planted. This is a tasty variety, and the beans turn green when cooked.
My tomatoes, before they went totally crazy. I should probably prune them or something this year. Last year the tomatoes took over, and I had a hard time getting to the center of the plants to pick. There's also corn in the background and pumpkins in the foreground. 

Until spring, I have these pictures to remind me.


  1. nice garden shots! Are you going to can with me this year?

  2. You know it! I have nothing to fear but botulism. :) Plus, green beans are 76 cents a can. That's ridiculous. Can't wait to do a can-a-long.


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