Gardening for the yard-less

I've had lots of people tell me they can't have a garden because they don't have a yard, or because the landlord won't let them tear up the yard. You can too! You can grow food without a yard. Container gardening is a great idea for those who rent or for those that don't want to commit to a giant hole in the yard..

My friend Audrey really is the queen of container gardening. She's creative and really makes the best out of a small space. But I've done some container gardening too, and it's worked well. You can use any type of container. There's terra cotta pots, which are beautiful, or ceramic pots, which are also quite nice. Some prefer wooden boxes or half barrels. I've even seen people use the bottoms of empty milk jugs and plastic Taco Bell or McDonald's cups. It's really up to you, your aesthetic, and your budget.

Lots of different plants grow well in containers. Peppers and tomatoes grow well in containers because they are fairly compact plants. Peas will grow well in a container too, but they need a trellis. Lettuce and other greens are a great and ornamental choice. Carrots and onions will do well in a pot too.

Tomato plant in a container

Carrots from a terra cotta pot

Great pot for strawberries or herbs.

An unconventional, but budget and eco-friendly, container garden.

My favorite thing to grow in a container is herbs. I love cilantro and basil, and both do well in pots. Mint is best grown in a container, because it will spread so easily. Oregano does well in a container too. If you are familiar with what each herb looks like, you can combine them in one container.

You know the oh-so-popular Topsy Turvy tomato and strawberry planter? You can make your own, and they are great for patio gardeners. Below is a link from one of the best websites ever, It outlines one of the many ways you can create your own upside-down planter.

There are so many ways to garden. Get your hands in some dirt! (Well, when the dirt isn't frozen anymore.)


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