They're Here!

My seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds have arrived! It's like opening up an envelope full of hope and promise. These seeds will help me feed my family, give me a creative outlet, and help keep rare and historic varieties alive. I love the idea that I am growing seeds descended from plants that were grown 100 years ago. Heirloom seeds are great because they produce fruits that have more flavor, and you can save the seeds and get a new plant that was like the parent. This lets you choose the qualities you like best and keep them going in next year's garden. If you choose hybrid seeds, you will not get a true replication in seeds you save. Therefore, you become dependent on others for seed.

Without further ado, my seeds for the gardens of 2011:

Red Romaine Lettuce (this was actually a gift from the seed company)
Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach
Sanguine Ameliore Lettuce (AKA strawberry cabbage lettuce)
May Queen Lettuce (a butterhead variety)

Bonny Best Tomato (red)
Mortgage Lifter (pink- so named because the grower originally sold the plants for $1 each, and paid off his mortgage!)
Woodle Orange tomato
Sungold Select II tomato (orange cherry variety)

Sweet Chocolate Pepper
Ozark Giant Pepper
Orange Bell Pepper

Tante Alice Cucumber (grows up to 18 inches)
Ruby Wallace's Old Time White Cucumber (wins the award for best name ever!)

Purple Podded Pole Beans
Blue Lake Bush 274 Beans

Parsley- Giant of Italy
Oregano Vulgare
Lavender (not to eat, but I love the smell)
Dill- Elephant
Genovese Basil

This year, for my flower beds, I'm doing a completely different color scheme. Since we built the raised beds out front, I had orange tiger lillies out there. I love them, but I moved them this fall to be out in front of the fence. That gave me a lot more color freedom, since I had always been tied down to the orange. This year, I'm doing pink, white, red, purple, and black.

Sensation Candy Stripe Cosmos
Jet Black Hollyhocks (I am so excited about these!)
Laura Pansy
Bowle's Black Violet
Bird's Eyes
Pink Sunday Sage Salvia
Rose of Heaven Petunia

I cannot wait to get started. This year, I am starting from seed indoors for my tomatoes and peppers, as well as some of the flowers and herbs. This will be an adventure! What are you growing in your gardens this year?


  1. I can never seem to get the lettuce to grow in my garden. We have a lot of clay; maybe that has something to do with it! Good luck with your garden! I can't wait to what all you do with it. Are you going to join us for our group canning session this summer? We're going to rent some space in a large kitchen and can all day! We're going to have everyone bring enough of one item to make 10 jars. Then we'll trade around so everyone goes home with 10 jars of different items.

  2. That is awesome! I would love to do that; it would be a great way for me to learn. Thanks for the invite.

  3. That sounds awesome, Jen. Amanda, good luck with your garden! I can't wait to start my containers this year. I know there are some I should probably get started, but it's hard to motivate myself to plant seeds when there's snow on the ground.


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