What's for Dinner Wednesday

I get so tired of deciding what to make for dinner each night. I do a meal plan for the week, based on what's in the freezer and what's on sale and what sounds good. It's a very technical process that involves me looking at my 231 pins on my Recipes Board, the weekly ads, asking the kids what sounds good, and thinking of the foods I used to eat back when it was ok to have tomatoes in stuff. 

One of those 231 pins that I recently tried was Chubby Chicken and Cream Cheese Taquitos. I made some modifications based on the above criteria. The Mister pronounced them delicious---the kids were kind of icked out. You win some, you lose some. 

My major modifications were to use shredded pork loin from my freezer and omitting the spinach. I also skipped the sour cream because I didn't have any. Honestly, I didn't miss it. The next time I make these, and I definitely am making them again, I might add half the spinach. 

The recipe directions say to use spoons to put two tablespoons of filling in each tortilla and spread it out with the spoons. (She writes it much more elegantly.) I just rolled it like a log in my hands, but made sure to not make it go all the way out to the edges of the roll. I didn't want the filling to ooze out while frying. 

I would love to tell you I served this with a salad and some fruit...but I try really hard not to be a liar. 


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