Spring at Clifty Falls-- Family Fun Saturday

Family Fun Saturdays are a thing now, at least at our house. Now that the Mister is working a Monday through Friday job, Saturday has become our designated Family Fun Day.

Sometimes, Family Fun Saturday simply involves slaying the Dirty Laundry Monster. Sometimes, though, we go all out like we did last Saturday when we went to Clifty Falls.

Clifty Falls is a state park located near Madison, Indiana. If you've never been, it's a great day trip. The Falls are at their best in spring and fall.

Gorgeous, right? The kids and I had a lot of fun looking for fossils in the rocks. There is even some old stonework from a railroad company. They attempted to put in a trestle but had to give up due to the terrain. I didn't get pictures, unfortunately. I think I was hyperventilating. 

The spring flowers were beautiful too. I love spring flowers. They're so hopeful. 

If you go to Clifty Falls, be prepared to hike. Not a peaceful, meandering,  gentle hike. No, hiking at Clifty Falls is serious work. Uphill, downhill, mudslides, stairs...you name it, Clifty's got it. There is an ADA friendly trail, but for the most part, these trails are rugged. Don't let this picture fool you. We took the road back to our car as a shortcut. 

Admission is $5 a car, unless you're out-of-state, and then it's only $7. There is a Nature Center, an observation tower (I was too chicken to climb it), and picnic facilities. There is also a pool onsite, but it wasn't open, and it was way too cold anyway. A campground is available, but if you aren't too keen on sleeping outside, the Clifty Inn is an option. 

Our next Family Fun Saturday will be spent at my mom and dad's house. Dad is generously letting us have his entire garden plot. We'll be prepping for that and planting peas. Oh, and slaying the Dirty Laundry Monster. 


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