Family Fun Saturday--Planting the Peas

This Saturday we didn't do anything crazy or extravagant. My parents, who have always had a garden, very generously let us use their plot this year. I am beyond excited! I love to garden, but I haven't been able to have much of one since we moved into our apartment.

We started the day off by shoveling out the plot. We do this to make it easier for the tiller to go through the earth. Mom and Dad have had a garden for the last fifteen years, so the the area is pretty used to tilling. But grass and other plants (weeds) grow in during the late fall and early spring. While this is a great way to introduce organic matter back into the soil, the tiller isn't overly fond of the extra work!

The Mister worked for a few hours to to adjust the tension and a belt (very manly) on the tiller so we could use it. Unfortunately, the tiller seems to be beyond our abilities to repair. So this next weekend we will likely rent a tiller so we can get the rest of the garden ready to go.

The kids and I planted our peas Saturday since they have to go in so early. Only Mom and I like peas, so I'm looking forward to having all I can handle. We have a chest freezer, so I'll make sure none of them go to waste!

Dad made ribs for us and Mom made baked beans and corn on the cob. It was so good. 

Can you believe I didn't take a single picture all day?

We have a nice, rainy day today for our garden. So far, the rain hasn't been so driving that I worry the seeds will be washed away. It's kind of perfect weather, actually.

The kids turned off the TV and are playing Monopoly. I didn't even tell them they had to, so I'm pretty excited. The Mister is unclogging our kitchen drain. Turns out that drain is connected to EVERYTHING in our house. I'm very impressed that he's been able to fix it. It's taken several hours, but he's persevered and so far, the water is all finally draining.

I think we'll call this a family fun Weekend, instead of just Family Fun Saturday.


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