Pictures and an update


Things are starting to get busy here. Baseball season has started, so we have practice almost every night. Jerimiah is doing a great job. I've been loving all over my new nephew Xander, who is just about the cutest kid ever. My goal is to have him say "Aunt Manda" as his first word. I'd like to say that's a secret, but not really. Good thing my brother and sister-in-law have a good sense of humor.

Garden wise, I've got lettuce and spinach sprouts in the backyard, and all kinds of flower seedlings out front. My bulbs have done about all they're going to do this year. I had an amazing showing of daffodils, and my hyacinths didn't do too badly either.

As you can see in the pictures, we've had a lot of rain.

I'm also starting a new business venture, Terra Bella. New Castle has a farmer's market every Saturday starting in June, and I'll be a vendor! I'll be selling heirloom variety herbs, grown organically, in hand painted terra cotta pots. My seedlings are doing well, and I'll be painting soon.


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