April showers bring....April flowers!

Today I decided to leave a little early to go pick up my kids. Since my phone has a pretty good camera, I thought I would take some cheerful flower pictures. As a gardener, I love flowers in all forms. I even love weedy flowers. I know, I know, shame on me. But a weed is just a plant in the wrong spot. And wouldn't it be something if they discovered dandelions cure cancer or something? :)

Violets are my absolute favorite flower. They're so small and sweet, and they smell fantastic too. One of my favorite books, A Girl of the Limberlost, contains a passage about violets so blue they were like a girl's eyes. I just love them, and finding a big clump of them means it's really spring. I'm lucky enough to have patches of them growing in my backyard now.

These beauties are growing in an abandoned lot I pass on the way to the school. They grow next to a building, so they were planted at some point. There are a few patches of them, and they are just adorable. I tried to look them up (really quickly) and didn't find what they were. If anyone finds out or knows off the top of their head, let me know!

Isn't this tulip pretty? It grows next to the flower that is up above. I love tulips. They make me smile.

This pretty pink flower grows in the park near our house. I love them. They are small and sweet, and are only found in the spring.

This little white flower grows by the boys' school. I love the leaves on the plant.

Hope this bit of spring brightens your day!


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