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Family Fun Saturday- Garfield Park Conservatory

Technically, I didn't see the place I'm about to tell you about with my family. Or on Saturday. I feel like I need to tell you that in the interest of full disclosure. Trust is important. However, this place was so amazing I knew I wanted to share it on my blog. I have the privilege of facilitating a garden group at my agency. It is one of my favorite things about my job. We grow flowers and vegetables, learn about gardening, eat yummy food, and take field trips. Our most recent field trip was to Garfield Park Conservatory in Indianapolis, IN. If you've never been, it's well worth the trip.  One of several waterfalls in the Conservatory.  If I remember correctly, this is a golden flame or golden candle plant.  The flowers look just like candles.  The Conservatory is currently hosting a gnome exhibit. Visitors get to complete a scavenger hunt as they tour the gardens. It was really cute and a lot of fun. Isn't this jade vine stunning? It was so

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