We have a serious problem

It's true. We DO have a serious problem. It's about my kids. My sweet, wonderful, amazing babies are addicted.....


I don't know how it happened. What started out as a way to get them to quit whining for dessert has become a nightly routine. When they get off the school bus, it's "Mom, did you make our Jell-o?" I shudder to think what might happen if the answer is no.

"What kind did you make? Did you get whipped cream for it?"

I actually thought not buying whipped cream would put a damper on their enthusiasm. No such luck.

"Is it time for Jell-o?"

Maybe if I make them eat their green beans it will kill the cravings...

"I like green beans. I ate them all. Is it time for Jell-o now?

Maybe I can make this Jell-o addiction work for me. I can see it now...No Jell-o unless they clean their room. No Jell-o unless they put away their laundry. No Jell-o if they whine about doing homework.

Just how far can I push this thing, I wonder?


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