It's been a while...

Sorry about that. Things have been crazy here at Casa Craig. After much prayer and deliberation, we have decided to move to Lebanon, TN. Our little town here in Indiana is dying. There are no jobs and no opportunities for our boys. So we are packing up and heading to a better climate and prettier views. If you have to start over, why not pick somewhere you really love?

It's also finals week in my two classes. University of Phoenix doesn't do testing for finals, but students have to do a major project in each class. I take two classes at a time, so I have two assignments to work on. The one for Geology is a Powerpoint. If I don't hate it, maybe I'll find a way to upload it here.

Gardening-wise, we've had a sad week here. Since we are moving in July, I am not putting in my garden. You know, that thing I've been dreaming of since January? Yeah. I gave my plants to my dad. You know, the ones I've grown from seed. Yeah, those. I know my dad will take great care of them, but it was hard. So no garden for me. All of my seeds I put in the flower beds are coming up, so maybe I'll get some blooms before we go.

All in all, things have been eventful here. I promise not to neglect my blog again, at least until July. For now, I'm just thinking happy thoughts.


  1. Awww! So sad to see you go, but it's not like we've actually seen each other in YEARS! But that means you'll be gone when I do my canning class in July. Good luck to you guys!


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