Shake it up!

Summer in Indiana usually means hot, sticky, muggy weather. Which means a lemon shake-up at the State Fair is pretty much a requirement to be a Hoosier.

It's not State Fair time, and it's not been hot. Muggy and sticky, yes, but not really hot. But it was the 4th of July, so I decided that meant a lemon shake-up was the perfect way to celebrate.

Was it possible to make a really good lemon shake-up at home?

Why, yes, it was.

Lemon Shake-up
(1 serving)

12 oz  cold water
1/4 cup (or to taste) granulated sugar
1/2 lemon

Materials needed
a container with a lid (I used a food storage container, and then a clean, empty olive jar)

Pour 12 oz of cold water into your container. Add in sugar, and then squeeze the lemon. Really squeeze it. You want bits of pulp in there too. I cut my lemon into quarters so I can get all the pulpy bits in there more easily.  Put the lemon in the container too. Add ice.

Shake, shake, shake.....shake, shake, shake....shake your shake-up! Shake your shake-up!

Then pour it into a glass and enjoy! I figure the cost of one of these at less than 50 cents. Compare that to the whopping $5.50 they charge at the fair! I found the recipe at compliments of Sue Lau.

I think these would be a great fundraiser idea too. Super inexpensive to make, relatively fast, and perfect for baseball season or soccer games!


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