Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From flea market to fantastic!

Ok, I have to admit, I'm ridiculously proud of myself. It's embarassing really. But I had so much fun doing this, that I have to blog about it.

Yesterday, on one of our nearly-weekly Tuesday morning dates, the husband and I went to a flea market. Normally, I look for books and other random things, but with the move coming up faster than I care to think about, we're on the hunt for storage items and furniture. Since we're moving to a much smaller space, there's some concern about where we're going to put things. And since we can't remember if there are overhead lights in all the rooms, we're also thinking about end tables and such.

We found this guy for only $6! This picture is after the husband went crazy with the sandpaper. The table itself was a really nice shape, but it had some scratches and some nicks. We decided to paint it and really make it something unique.

Originally, I thought I would paint it ivory and paint some flowers and vines and such on it. So I bought some lovely pink, green, and yellow paint. I loved the colors.

To get started, after sanding and wiping the table down with damp paper towels, we spray painted the table white. Next time, we'll buy some regular roll paint, but hey, live and learn, right?

My husband loved the table as is, but I wanted to make it really unique. First, I tried to freehand some vines. They looked ok, but not fabulous. The brushes, combined with my out-of-practice painting skills, conspired against me. I ended up with squiggly lines that looked like snakes with boils. Not the look I was going for. So I painted over the the disaster, and tried again.

Realizing that I was not the artist I used to be, I thought about doing a checkerboard pattern on the bottom ring of the table. I alternated green and pink blocks, devoting 2 hours of my life to the project. The end result? Remember that watermelon hubba-bubba gum you used to chew when you were a kid. Yeah. It was hubba-bubba in table form. Again, not what we were looking for.

With great sadness, I painted over the pink checks and ended up with a solid green bottom. After a(nother) quick trip to Walmart, I painted the bottom ring in ivory. I also stenciled the top with the same green that I used on the bottom part of the table. Finally, we had a table that we both liked. I sprayed the table with sealer to prevent future damage. Six hours later, the table was finished.

 All in all, it cost about $30 to get this table. However, I have pink, yellow, green and ivory acrylic paint I can use again, plus three sheets of stencils. I also have almost a full bottle of sealer as well.

Here's the end result:

There are some parts on the top where the ivories don't match. I sanded that down, and did a light coat of spray paint over the top to age it. So it's a little more muted now. Flea market, watch out!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Product review

So fellow semi-hippies, I'm a member of BzzAgent. If you haven't heard of it or tried it, you can find out more here: BzzAgent. This marketing company relies on word of mouth advertising from agents who get to try new products. I'm a BzzAgent, and I just tried the new NatureLuxe Foundation by Covergirl.

One of the fun things we get to do is review the products we try. Here is my review of this product. I gave it four out of five stars.

I tried the NatureLuxe foundation and was pleasantly surprised. I LOVE mineral foundation, and I haven't used liquid foundation in years. Typically, I find they smell funny, feel funny, and look funny! That wasn't the case with this product. The foundation applied smoothly and had good coverage. It didn't irritate my sensitive skin either, and I didn't experience any breakouts. My only complaint is that I feel I had to use a bit too much foundation to get the coverage I wanted. All in all, this is a good liquid foundation that I would recommend to others. If you are a liquid foundation fan, give this a try!
Cool things you should know about this product:
1. It contains jojoba extract and rosehips. (I love the natural ingredients.)
2. It also uses cucumber water to balance out the creaminess. This keeps it from being too heavy on the face.
3. Comes with SPF 10 built right in!
4. Oil free. This is especially important in Indiana in the summer time!
This is a product I would recommend to anyone who likes liquid foundation.

It's been a while...

Sorry about that. Things have been crazy here at Casa Craig. After much prayer and deliberation, we have decided to move to Lebanon, TN. Our little town here in Indiana is dying. There are no jobs and no opportunities for our boys. So we are packing up and heading to a better climate and prettier views. If you have to start over, why not pick somewhere you really love?

It's also finals week in my two classes. University of Phoenix doesn't do testing for finals, but students have to do a major project in each class. I take two classes at a time, so I have two assignments to work on. The one for Geology is a Powerpoint. If I don't hate it, maybe I'll find a way to upload it here.

Gardening-wise, we've had a sad week here. Since we are moving in July, I am not putting in my garden. You know, that thing I've been dreaming of since January? Yeah. I gave my plants to my dad. You know, the ones I've grown from seed. Yeah, those. I know my dad will take great care of them, but it was hard. So no garden for me. All of my seeds I put in the flower beds are coming up, so maybe I'll get some blooms before we go.

All in all, things have been eventful here. I promise not to neglect my blog again, at least until July. For now, I'm just thinking happy thoughts.