My new baby

That got your attention, I bet! No, it's not a baby of the human or fur variety, but I still love it anyway! Bev over at One Yarn After Another had a very generous giveaway. I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate to a lovely Etsy shop Vintage4Creations. I got a great new bag for myself. I have to say, the pictures don't do it justice. It is just beautiful. Very soft, very well stitched, and very well packaged.

I just need a name for her now....Any suggestions?

Isn't the bow cute! And the fabric will go with just about everything I wear. Plus, it's huge! I could fit a kid in here. Thanks, Bev, for the generous giveaway!


  1. I've made almost that exact same bag! It's pretty easy to make btw. You can find patterns at the fabric store.


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