Imperial Moth

While on a trip to our new home in Hendersonville, TN, my husband and I saw this beauty laying on the sidewalk in a shopping center. It was so beautiful that I had to take a picture and learn more about it.

After we got home, I did some research to find that it is an Imperial Moth. I was so surprised. Growing up (and still today) one of my favorite books was A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter. The story is all about a girl growing up in Indiana. A large part of the book centers around the main character's search for a pair of Imperial moths. So I feel like now I've seen a part of my childhood in real life.

Some info about the Imperial moth:

  • Adults live for only a day and do not feed.
  • Pupation occurs underground.
  • Wingspan of 3 1/8 inches to 6 7/8 inches.
  • They can be found from western Maine to Nebraska, and south to Texas and the Keys.
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  1. How cool! I've never seen this guy, and I might have passed by thinking it was a dried leaf. Nice catch!


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